Jazz Festival In Northampton

A festival is a day or event celebrated by a community or group of people and which may have a special meaning to that group or community. This meaning could be derived from cultural beliefs, history, religion or even economic activities such as agriculture. A festival involves engagement in certain activities such as dancing, singing, eating, drinking, social gaming and sporting. Festivals are usually celebrated either on particular calendar days or upon the occurrence of a certain event each year.

What is Jazz?

Jazz is a music genre that is synonymous with improvisation, call and response vocals, swing and bent notes, polyrhythms and instrumental sounds. It was developed by African- Americans in New Orleans but as the Jazz buzz spread, it was customised to the regional and cultural inclinations of different communities around the world. This led to the development of different Jazz styles that are still evolving to date. It is not a wonder therefore that there are different jazz festivals in different countries all over the world.

Jazz Festivals

This is a festival that features performances by various jazz artists albeit local, international or both. The festivals may range from a single day event to one lasting over a couple of weeks such as the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, arguably one of the largest. Jazz festivals usually feature a large stage where the action takes place. These stages are usually made from strong metals such as an aluminium tube making them sturdy and durable for the festival period.

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Why attend a Jazz festival?

For Jazz lovers, the opportunity to enjoy performances by their favourite artists, listen to new compositions as well as meet their favourite musicians is hard to resist. People travel all over the world in pursuit of different jazz experiences. 

Besides Jazz, most of these events showcase the heritage and culture of the host community. Food and drinks are a great part of the festivals and this offers an opportunity to try out different foods and drinks from the host community or nation as well as to understand their way of life. 

Jazz festivals are laden with merchandise that can be bought as gifts or souvenirs. It is also a good place for aspiring jazz artists to gain the inspiration they may need. If your child o